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  • Remembering Eisteddfod Llanelli 2000

    The current editor of Cambria, Frances Jones-Davies fondly remembers the last National Eisteddfod that was held in Llanelli in 2000. Read how Gwynfor Evans was the first recipient of ANRHYDEDD CYMRY’R CYFANFYD, the genesis of the famous Owain Glyndwr flag and banner and the characters, some of whom are sadly departed. Please help make 2014 equally memorable on our return.

  • Letter from the Editor

    “The government you elect is the government you deserve.” Said Jefferson, before and since many philosophers and politicians have said much the same. Despite all our complaints about the elected politicians we must shoulder at least some of the blame.  All the coverage and exposure of the expenses scandal resulting in a tidal wave of […]

  • Cambria Publishing Co-operative

    We are pleased to inform all our valued subscribers and readers that Cambria Magazine is now a part of Cambria Publishing Co-operative.

    Followers of this website will note that we have been changing the way and the frequency with which we deliver news, articles and content about Wales. We will still maintain the high quality and editorial care that has defined and characterised the magazine and we will still be focusing on good writing about the Arts, History and Politics of Wales. Expanding the ‘digital edition’ aspects of the magazine will enable us to provide more ‘time sensitive’ information and improve the immediacy of our content. It will also enable us to engage in topical conversations with you, our readers, making better use of social media tools. These new skills and outlets will be assisted by being part of the co-operative which will encompass many of the new ways of communicating and informing digitally.

  • Editor’s letter – January 2014

    Blwyddyn Newydd Dda. Happy New Year. There have been many things going on at Cambria lately, both behind the scenes in our organisation and in our publications as we adapt to and take advantage of new technology and channels of distribution. For example, from now on between issues there will be more commentary and articles available on line. We hope you like them and will continue to read us whether it be in print, on your tablet or smart phone. Whatever the channel we hope to continue bringing you the best in informed articles about Wales and the Arts.

  • Online Editor’s Blog

    Cambria, from its inception, has been studiously apolitical concentrating on articles about Welsh History, Arts and Literary matters. However, looking back through the print issues over the years there are many excellent contributions, learned articles and plenty of diatribes, on political matters. We intend to continue this tradition and welcome contributions from all political shades of opinion (subject to editorial overview and acceptance). We still intend to participate in and contribute to the political conversations in Wales. Let us know what you think.

  • Cambria moves to Digital Editions

    Thank you to all our loyal readers for continuing to support Cambria magazine in covering the best in Arts, History, Media and Politics in Wales. We do appreciate it and it has contributed immensely to our survival into what will be the Digital Age for us.

    Over the coming months and years we will be adding more and more digital content to our magazine which you can access from our website at . We hope you will continue to stay with us through these changes and growth.