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Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

gan Frances Davies, Editor.

The latest issue of Cambria is available online in digital format (as a pdf) BY CLICKING HERE. The code for the FREE download is ‘xmas’.

It is my great regret that this issue will not be in hard copy. For all the assertions that information on the web is there forever I still feel that when it comes to preservation for posterity print is better and has more gravitas. Our contributors have come up with some wonderful articles. I cannot thank them enough, and all those others who help Cambria in so many ways, particular mention must be made of Chris Jones who is our online editor and Louise, the designer. Their loyalty and belief in the magazine and their unmitigated support for its continuation has been and is, along with yours, a major encouragement in trying to find a way ahead. This issue has some new contributors, all going well they will stay with us as regulars. John Ball has some very interesting ideas for the economy of Wales and has very kindly agreed to supply regular articles which will be available on our website during the interim before we return not only in hard copy but as a monthly, as have some others.

It was a great blow when the partnership with MegaGroup didn’t work, stultifying, and I am very sorry that it has taken this long, too long, to let you all know what will be happening.

Please do keep an eye on the website where news updates will be posted. Another digital issue is planned, it will be a taste of the Cambria that is to come.

Many of you lament the state of the media in Wales, exhorting us to continue, and telling us that as the only truly independent journal providing good writing on a wide variety of topics written about from the Welsh perspective we are more necessary now than ever. Please do sign up for emails, if you haven’t done so already, and you will be kept posted regarding developments and timing. We will be doing this not only via the website but by twitter and on facebook.

My profound thanks for all your support, I hope you will bear with us and that 2016 will be happy. Frances Davies

The latest issue of Cambria is available online in digital format (as a pdf) BY CLICKING HERE. Enter the code for the FREE download which is… ‘xmas’.

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