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  • Serving whose interests?

    Our First Minister seems to have had a nice little jaunt to Norway to see how they cope with being outside the EU but inside the Single Market.  A small oil-rich country on the fringes of the EU sounds almost similar to Wales – apart from the ‘oil-rich’ bit, which is pretty central to Norway’s economic success and is economically more important than any apparent similarities.  Oh, and the bulk of their exports to the EU consist of oil and gas delivered through pipelines rather than goods which need to be physically checked to ascertain their true origin. 

  • Roll over with Dover … in Caerffili's Tory dirt

    Those with long memories will quickly recognise Den Dover, the Tory MEP expelled from both party and group for directing no less than £500,000 in the wrong direction (ie, family-wards), as an old acquaintance.

    When the Conservative Party was a term of abuse in Wales – in days when miners still existed, and the far-Left still thought it was going somewhere rather than nowhere – Mr Dover made an acquaintance with Wales.

    He was no more than another Englishman sent to Wales to learn his political trade. I doubt he ever came back after the election. Indeed, a carpet-bagger once, a carpet-bagger always. Eventually he won a Parliamentary seat in Lancashire, where he was known for his anti-European ramblings.

    When the tide swung against the Tories, he swiftly switched to become a Tory MEP for the same region, despite his true beliefs. Yet his family home has always remained in Hertfordshire, despite claiming he lived in Euxton, near Chorley, Lancs. Perhaps he was mixing Chorley, Lancs with Chorleywood, Herts…

    Anyway, the family cash went to Hertfordshire.

    In October 1974, he was his party’s Parliamentary candidate in Caerffili. His catchline was moderately memorable – “Roll over with Dover”, if I remember correctly. His vote, however, was far from memorable – he managed only 11.5pc, up against Plaid’s Phil Williams, who before long came within a ace of capturing the seat, also setting the foundations for his party’s current control of the county borough.