Cambria – issue Jan 2015

cyfrol/volume 14 rhif/number 2


Last issueLetters
Alan Sandry on Scottish surety and Welsh wavering, how the referendum was won
Royston Jones looks back on his youth in Swansea and questions social housing
Myrddin ap Dafydd – Kitchener’s War Crimes
Dafydd Wigley – Is the Houseof Lords relevant
Morgan Gwynne celebrates the 300th anniversary of Richard Wilson
Professor Chadwick-Jones explores Welsh as a romance language
Phil Carradice explores the charms of Narberth
Garth Celyn – home of the last Prince of Wales
Martin Crampin and the art of glass and war
Trevor Fishlock and memories of the Davies Sisters
John Greeves finds a ‘lucky’penny with history
Mike Buckingham remembers Alexander Cordell
Gwyn Griffiths – 8 ships and 100 men from Merthyr to the Ukraine
Meic Stephens honours Gerallt Lloyd Owen
Caroline Juler interviews Horatio Clare
Chris Kinsey and the beauty of slow worms
Keith Faichney takes us to the heights of the Welsh three thousands
Learn Welsh and have fun with Martin Davies
Ruth Thomas finds out about Sir Peter Blake’s obsession with Dylan
Meic Stephens overview of Welsh publishing and book reviews
Andrew Green gives us some tips on the diplomatic art of chairing
Norma Lord reviews the WNO 2015/16 programme and plans
Caroline Palmer admires a grand restoration at Alltybela
Travel and food, from Italy to the Welsh hills via Llandudno in the company of Sebastian Cresswell Turner and Elisabeth Luard


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