Cambria – Spring 2014

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Editor’s Letter | Readers’ Letters
Sion Jobbins: ‘Why weren’t the Welsh at Versailles’ – a tribute to E.T. John,  overlooked hero of a forgotten campaign for Wales.
Royston Jones on Devolution and the Housing Bill.
Rev Tony Coslett believes the federalisation  of the United Kingdom is inevitable.
Wyn Thomas: The fight for Tryweryn continues.

John Greeves recalls a forgotten Welsh aviator.
Vicky Moller on tidal energy.
Norma Lord looks at the Wales International Academy of Voice and interviews Dennis O’Neill.
April Hill, from the Bronx to an ‘incredible country’.
Blodeuwedd reviewed.

Meic Stephens pays tribute to the late Nigel Jenkins, poet and activist.

Gavin Wilson talks to Cardigan rock band Sendelica.
Music reviews – Gavin Wilson on ‘Sutures and stitches’, Ruth Thomas on ‘ Torri Naws’.
Meic Stephens reviews books on artists Claudia Williams and Gwilym Pritchard.
Richard Hill relates a story of the 3 peaks marathon photographs  by John Keates.

Alan Owen researches  the history of rent tables.
Tributes to John Uzzell Edwards.
Peter Lord explores the mysteries of the St. Asaph murals.
William Wilkins on the life of artist Carey Morris.
Martin Davies: Learn Welsh and Have Fun – The St. David’s Day Parade explored.
Rob Scourfield is inspired by Pevsner’s new guide of Clwyd.
David N Thomas reminisces with ‘Dylan Thomas’s Pubs’.

Meic Stephens’ overview of publishing and reviews.
Phil Cope fathoms the delights of holy wells of the Borders.
Caroline Palmer relaxes in Dyffryn Fernant garden.
Louise Waring attends  a Deaf Rugby International.
Chris Kinsey enjoys snowdrops and foxes.

Elisabeth Luard lunches in The Clink.
Dorothy Davies on the delights of cheese and a recipe for comfort.


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